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Bronwyn and Ben M.



Hastings, NY


Bronwyn and Ben's Story

Bronwyn experienced a painful dental emergency, and her dentist advised her to check for a savings plan that would help her pay for the necessary treatment. After their marriage, Bronwyn added Ben to her plan. The couple says that they typically get 50% off on their dental care, thanks to their plan, and no longer have to worry about the cost of keeping their smiles healthy and strong.

I had an abscess and I had to go to the dentist. The receptionist knew I didn't have dental insurance so she told me to look up I've actually used the same dentist since I was five. I would have thought it was too good to be true, really, if they hadn't told me to look it up.

I was able to get care for my abscess really quickly after I joined I would definitely recommend to our friends and family. In fact, my extended family are signed up for

– Bronwyn

We don't have to stress out nearly as much when we go to the dentist because we know it's just not going to cost the thousands of dollars that it normally would. The savings are enormous— literally half of what we would otherwise pay the dentist.

– Ben

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Dentists recommend 2 cleanings, 2 check-ups and 1 set of x-rays per year. We're so confident that your plan will pay for itself*, we will refund your money if it doesn't. Some exclusions apply.