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Need Affordable Dental Care?

Use our savings calculator to find the best dental plan for your needs and see how much you can save.

I saved $1,112 on my dental bill, Amazing! Quote by Suze Orman

Members save an average of 58%*

at thousands of participating dentists nationwide

save an average of 56% on cleanings
save an average of 63% on root canals
save an average of 57% on dentures

*Source: Discount Health Programs 2016 Consumer & Provider Survey Results

How to Save Money on Dental Care?

Use our savings calculator tool to estimate your cost and savings based on the dental procedures you need.

A happy DP member named Tracy

Tracey Saved Over $9,000*

When Tracey first heard about DentalPlans.com, she was looking for an alternative to traditional dental insurance. As a small business owner, Tracey says there was just no way that she could provide a dental insurance plan for herself and her employees. She was paying almost $300 dollars a month in private dental insurance for herself and her three children. And now she pays $200 dollars a year for her dental savings plan.

*Accumulative savings. member since 2012

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*Disclaimer: The samples provided are an average of example savings with a Dental Savings Plan. Dentists recommend 2 cleanings, 2 check-ups and 1 set of x-rays per year. We're so confident that your plan will pay for itself*, we will refund your money if it doesn't. Some exclusions apply.