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  • Seven Reasons Why Seniors Need Telemedicine

    Telemedicine may seem complicated, but it’s actually simple. Use it once and you’ll see that it makes life easier for everyone, particularly seniors. You get convenient, inexpensive (or even free!) healthcare on-demand from licensed professionals, and can help control the spread of contagious diseases.

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  • Medicare and Telemedicine for Seniors during Covid-19

    Seniors, Telemedicine and Covid-19
    Older people are at a greater risk of experiencing more severe complications if infected with Covid-19.  People over 65 have been asked to be vigilant about social distancing and other practices that can help to reduce the chance of being infected with the virus.

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  • Telemedicine and COVID-19

    Telemedicine and COVID-19
    The CDC is recommending the use of telemedicine to reduce the risk of disease transmission in healthcare facilities. It’s easy to understand why, telemedicine seems like it was tailor-made for this moment in time.

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  • Telemedicine: What Happens During a Telemedicine Virtual Visit with a Doctor?

    Telemedicine: What Happens During a Virtual Visit with a Doctor?
    Sometimes it’s nice to have a heads-up about how to use a new-to-you service a typical telemedicine visit, focuses on diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of health concerns using an app, video call or telephone.

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  • Telemedicine FAQ

    What exactly is telemedicine? How does it work?
    Doctors and other health professionals – nurses, pediatricians, therapists, nutritionists, dermatologists and many more -  consult with patients via video chat using a secure app or website.

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