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  • Five Ways To Keep Your Heart Healthy

    Make sure to take good care of yourself, this year! A heart-healthy lifestyle includes knowing your body, managing stress, getting more sleep, sunshine, and exercise, making good food choices and maintaining good oral health. Here’s how to keep your heart strong and healthy.

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  • Healthy Indoor Activities for Older Adults

    Healthy Indoor Activities for Older Adults

    Looking for something fun to do indoors? Us too. So, we scoured the internet and came up with some great ways to keep your brain and body healthy during this stay-at-home time. 

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  • Interesting Dental Superstitions

    Superstitions can be spooky, but what’s really scary is not being able to afford preventive or restorative dental care because you don’t have dental insurance.

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  • Keep Your Teeth Safe During Summer

    With all of its joys, summer is not without its health and safety hazards. There are the obvious ones, like sunburns, bug bites, sports/water injuries, and car trouble, and then there are the lesser-known troubles - dental troubles - that can also put a real damper on things.

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  • How to Protect Your Teeth During Summer

    This season brings big fun and an equally large potential to get sick with particularly disgusting diseases. Hot and humid temperatures are bacteria’s favorite environment. They’ll infest your food, skin, and innards if you give them a chance.

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  • Preventing SAD During Summer

    Tell people you have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and they’ll probably assume that you get depressed during the winter months. But, for a very small number of seasonal depression sufferers, it is summer that makes them sad.

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  • Your Dental Health A Year In Advance

    How can you make this year especially great? For us, the obvious place to start is with your health, especially your dental health. Here’s what a year centered on smile care might look like:

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  • The Grandparents Guide To Stress-Free Holidays

    Of course, you look forward to celebrating the holidays with your grandchildren. But the seasonal celebrations often lead to overeating, overspending, over-committing, overextending – for too many of us the holidays have become and exhausting stress fest instead of the most wonderful time of the year.

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  • How To Enjoy The Holidays Without Destroying Your Teeth

    Eating and drinking sugary foods and drinks for prolonged periods of time increase your chances of gum disease and tooth decay. And let’s face it, there is nothing like a holiday get-together to keep folks mindlessly indulging on whatever is in front of them…for hours on end.

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  • 8 Tips To Prepare For A Dental Appointment

    It doesn’t matter if your dental appointment is for a routine checkup, dental cleaning, or a more advanced procedure -there are a few things you should do to prior to your dental visit.

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